Being professional abroad? Perception must start during school years

Being pretty often abroad for business issues is something of very special for whom likes to make comparisons about cities, societies and cultures. When i’m not in Italy, the first thing I’m used to check, as personal interest as well, concerns the promotion of international study experiences developed by schools and academies. I really think that the first step for social common good of nation nowadays must be represented by “international attitude” which students, professionals and of course companies and public administration can interact mutually for concrete development of relations and businesses and such level of inter-action can be reached just only through education.

european-union-flagsWell, as Italian I know that we’re nation of migrants.. and you’ll meet for sure some italians doing something wherever you are thinking about, but even if we were really born on this way (encouraged towards international ventures) we can thank our charisma  more than our school-system. I was analyzing some details about international study exchange opportunities introduced in our country and some comparisons with other EU nations; immediately I understood why sometimes I feel like some conditions for boosting business on international scene don’t fit with our corporate – system.

It’s not for structural matters i think,  but for team – ignorance of dynamics that involve international dialogues among people and professionals. Sometimes our perception of being the center of Europe could be accepted for historical and cultural influence but seems really funny comparing with the chinese vision of being central emperor of the world.. ‘cause they really are!

According with last report presented by “observatory for Interculture of school system and students mobility”, just only 53% of  italian secondary schools introduce international opportunities for study experiences, bad data comparing with Germany 97% – Spain 89 % – Polonia 88 % – France 79% – Sweden 71% etc.  The good consideration about national interest on such activities is the great participation: like Germany, italian schools can involve really large number of students in their didactic projects managed abroad with successful results about contents of the programs and didactic undertaking by students.

Even if common european framework for students international mobility offers some opportunities and information, according with students opinion, professors and school organization don’t seem interested to introduce scholastic exchange experiences with other countries and most of the times italian professors cannot manage fluently foreign language or show direct knowledge about other countries and cultures so they don’t involve with enthusiasm and “personal vision / experience” students and families to join such ventures.

Honestly we’ve also to indicate the difficulty to get access to credit resources which schools could try to support families for financial part some operative costs,  issue that seems less difficult in other countries where public direct investments / partnerships and sponsorships make such occasions for high schools as concrete study opportunities. Once again it seems  really hard to build the net of players that can inter-act for the development of our social system; of course we need to hire professors that can speak 2 or 3  languages as european standards requires as well, but i think that italian will be happy to pay more taxes if this will be support high level of education, well trained professors with international experience, and get money back from some national funds for education and development of international skills that could be introduced during mobility abroad through high school organizations.

As direction of  centre for oriental studies with many branches in Italy and two desks abroad (in EU area and Japan) I’m pretty interested to create good conditions to improve information services cause according with the report, students complain the absolute lack of info about scholarships, study travels, internship , programs, study-work stays. Social networks and internet nowadays offer a new chance to approach world of international community on the web and discover didactic offers and check well detailed pages about universities aborad and more, but it’s not enough and it should be presented by school organizations and professional staff that can support students on making the right choice.

Be part of the world economy needs such awareness and public school must be protagonist on this step. As no profit association we’re going to join some exhibition about education in Italy and abroad, trying to be well referenced organization for promotion of international studies and careers.

SAVE THE DATE: our next attendance at ExpoScuola  at Fiera di Padova 7 – 9  of November / Asian Studies Group Padova & Confservizi Veneto.



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