Water Expo 2013: new business and research expectations – Strategical Link between World Water Forum in Korea and Milan EXPO 2015 –

Korea is driving fast, leaded by massive Chaebols through direct investments on international market, it is strengthening its role of well structured economy among eastern Asia players. Even if sometimes private industry boosted national image faster than political and institutional actions have done before, during last year, after nomination on February of new president of Republic of Korea, Park Geun-hye, more national leading has been observed in behalf of entrepreneurship.

We can consider the imminent event about water – business forum that is going to take place in Daegu City from 30 of october 2013 as relevant statement of such dimension of well framed cooperation. The aim of such team – play is clear: reinforce international position of South Korea as reliable market on doing business, promote national industry in particular about technical solution and R&D’s activity, focus on important topic like water that represent a substantial theme for economic and geo-political alliances among players of relevant position in the field.

water expo summit

This year’s expo and conference are co-organized by the Korea Water Forum, which is a Korean government agency and think tank in charge of its water-related policy, technological cooperation, and international partnership.

The subsidiary events for this year’s Water Conference include the 6th Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE) Conference, the Membrane Society of Korea General Meeting and Autumn Scientific Meeting, the Water Management Symposium and the Water Industry Cluster Vision Forum and Policy Presentation.

The Water Expo Korea is the country’s first and foremost water business-to-business exhibition and conference, hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Daegu City, and the organizing committee for the World Water Forum 2015.

During the year of International EXPO in Milan, on april 2015 in Daegu will take place this import event that should be a “strategic link” with Europe and in particular with those fundamentals about research, sustainable development and social contents that will be discussed during the international event in Milan City.  Already more than 500 water experts and high- l evel representatives, including about 150 international participants from 41 countries, participated in the 7th World Water Forum Welcoming Ceremony and the Kick-off Meeting in Seoul and Daegu this year in May.


Big firms in Korea are investing a lot into such ventures in particular for technical destination of water usage, discovering more connections between research, technical application energy’s production. In South Korea the corporate system is still well based on direct investments through share – participations by korean holding in interrelated fields, so that’s why during such forums it could be really interesting and useful get in relation with important players that could support with assisted partnership some scouting / b2b dynamics into the local corporate network.

My professional studio is focusing on specific analysis about players that will join on this session of Water Expo Korea, in particular is introducing to asian partners particular open- issues in behalf of european players that are starting on relocation of technical research, venture opportunities and market – entry dynamics towards Korea and east Asia in general. Water Expo Organizers and Korean Institutions and offices for internationalization’s of companies (KOTRA) are really working well to assist our clients according with specific needs.

The features of new frontier of Business Tours for B2b – Introducing Kobe Healthcare Tour 2014

Too many times we’ve heard about international exhibitions that are important on worldwide scene due their well named reference that offers us the opportunity to collect lot of contacts and being protagonist of direct introduction in the field under international perspective.

Most of the times we realized then that even if the event has been pretty useful to get perception of we were looking for about doing business internationally, usually we cannot make concretely a business dialogue with potential partners cause we’re not directly introduced or we got lost on matching with profiles that fit with our research and structure.

If we add also conjuncture’s elements like international crisis, cut-off about extra expenditures for research and development, less resources concerning staff and managers who could take care about specific issues of business development, you could agree with us when we said that some international exhibitions don’t provide the best useful way to start real B2b mission.

That’s why recently it could have more sense try to join new experience of meeting partners when we try to approach a well framed market with long tradition on development of business dynamics like Japan. My studio is always pretty sensitive about such tools that can support commercial needs on concrete perspective and recently we’re more into consulting and supporting for business tours than usual attendance to international exhibitions with booth and hostess.

Some good features for such kind of service concern for example the opportunity to get “complete tools” to start to introduce yourself:  well advised matching of contacts and operators, business schedule well structured about meetings and inquiries collected by organizers, interpreter but also some elements that you cannot find during regular exhibition like factory visit, check about production and sample testing process, on site official introduction and discussion’s table with experts of the field as moderators (for example unlike the usual “booth – promotions”, during such briefing step we can resolve most of troubles that we are gonna face with during following business deal and that usually cannot being put of focus cause we’re not supported on local discussion with moderators contributions)


Then, the business tour really makes possible to contribute with effective strategy on company – awareness or event’s promotion using cross media and social network’s tools more than usual exhibition like streaming conferences with colleagues and managers who can follow directly the mission by web and inter-act directly during the negotiation or company’s visit, or for example arranging a survey with online campaign which we can directly test some opinions from clients or key leaders about some products or new series of services we’re going to import or analyze for new marketing strategy. I’ve been already more familiar with the perception o that business tours as real “direct dimensions” of planning business mission which comparing with usual attendance to common international exhibition make everything more concrete, quick and cheap for companies.

Beyond that I’ve found companies really satisfied for having reach the goal about learning more on players and productions or for feeling more involved in some business exchanges comparing with “booth – dynamics”, also such conditions introduced by the tours allow company to make cross media and social network’s effects more intensive for team leading on particular projects as long for marketing strategy and general promotion about their activity abroad.

Usually such ventures cost approximately 1000 of dollars or something so less than any basic attendance to 3 days exhibition!

Today we have the opportunity to introduce the next business tour which we’re working about and it concerns very crucial field like Healthcare in Japan from 17 to 20 of March 2014

Core benefits you can experience in this tour :

1. A fully organized business tour in Japan for a much lower cost than done individually.
2. Discuss almost 60-to-80 products and possibilities of ‘Private brand’ Japan manufacturing and other forms of partnership with Japanese beauty healthcare product manufacturers.
3. Various forms of products and modern packaging such as : Drinks, Tablets, Gels, Creams, Powder, Granules, jelly sticks etc. available.
4. Sample dozens of products directly and discuss business on site.
5. Have factory managers (around 10 manufacturers), products and decision-makers in one place & time to allow smooth business flow.
6. All discussions in English with qualified interpreters.
7. Expand international networks and business possibilities by interacting with guests from other markets.
8. Enjoy Japanese culture and beautiful KOBE !

• The total tour package is US$1,250 per person  including three nights hotel stay, airport transfers to and from Kansai Osaka Airport, Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – Veg and Non-Veg), local transportation, interpreter service, factory visit, product samples, mini-sight-seeing.


Being professional abroad? Perception must start during school years

Being pretty often abroad for business issues is something of very special for whom likes to make comparisons about cities, societies and cultures. When i’m not in Italy, the first thing I’m used to check, as personal interest as well, concerns the promotion of international study experiences developed by schools and academies. I really think that the first step for social common good of nation nowadays must be represented by “international attitude” which students, professionals and of course companies and public administration can interact mutually for concrete development of relations and businesses and such level of inter-action can be reached just only through education.

european-union-flagsWell, as Italian I know that we’re nation of migrants.. and you’ll meet for sure some italians doing something wherever you are thinking about, but even if we were really born on this way (encouraged towards international ventures) we can thank our charisma  more than our school-system. I was analyzing some details about international study exchange opportunities introduced in our country and some comparisons with other EU nations; immediately I understood why sometimes I feel like some conditions for boosting business on international scene don’t fit with our corporate – system.

It’s not for structural matters i think,  but for team – ignorance of dynamics that involve international dialogues among people and professionals. Sometimes our perception of being the center of Europe could be accepted for historical and cultural influence but seems really funny comparing with the chinese vision of being central emperor of the world.. ‘cause they really are!

According with last report presented by “observatory for Interculture of school system and students mobility”, just only 53% of  italian secondary schools introduce international opportunities for study experiences, bad data comparing with Germany 97% – Spain 89 % – Polonia 88 % – France 79% – Sweden 71% etc.  The good consideration about national interest on such activities is the great participation: like Germany, italian schools can involve really large number of students in their didactic projects managed abroad with successful results about contents of the programs and didactic undertaking by students.

Even if common european framework for students international mobility offers some opportunities and information, according with students opinion, professors and school organization don’t seem interested to introduce scholastic exchange experiences with other countries and most of the times italian professors cannot manage fluently foreign language or show direct knowledge about other countries and cultures so they don’t involve with enthusiasm and “personal vision / experience” students and families to join such ventures.

Honestly we’ve also to indicate the difficulty to get access to credit resources which schools could try to support families for financial part some operative costs,  issue that seems less difficult in other countries where public direct investments / partnerships and sponsorships make such occasions for high schools as concrete study opportunities. Once again it seems  really hard to build the net of players that can inter-act for the development of our social system; of course we need to hire professors that can speak 2 or 3  languages as european standards requires as well, but i think that italian will be happy to pay more taxes if this will be support high level of education, well trained professors with international experience, and get money back from some national funds for education and development of international skills that could be introduced during mobility abroad through high school organizations.

As direction of  centre for oriental studies with many branches in Italy and two desks abroad (in EU area and Japan) I’m pretty interested to create good conditions to improve information services cause according with the report, students complain the absolute lack of info about scholarships, study travels, internship , programs, study-work stays. Social networks and internet nowadays offer a new chance to approach world of international community on the web and discover didactic offers and check well detailed pages about universities aborad and more, but it’s not enough and it should be presented by school organizations and professional staff that can support students on making the right choice.

Be part of the world economy needs such awareness and public school must be protagonist on this step. As no profit association we’re going to join some exhibition about education in Italy and abroad, trying to be well referenced organization for promotion of international studies and careers.

SAVE THE DATE: our next attendance at ExpoScuola  at Fiera di Padova 7 – 9  of November / Asian Studies Group Padova & Confservizi Veneto.