Welcome on my new personal desk… shared for you

2012-10-18 09.07.05

Buongiorno a tutti! Today is national holiday in Italy and also in several countries in europe and in asia.. and while everybody is looking for nice swim  or relaxing during summer holiday, ‘cause I’ve got terrible cold due the air conditioning system which are provided the maltese “crazy” buses, I’m starting this website (for me it’s also a great part of my relax here !) and I’d like to consider it as my  lovely desk shared with you.. (check the pic of my studio in Milan at the beginning of this post), a place useful to introduce not only my professional profile but also to create new opportunities to share opinions and project’s proposals concerning Europe & Asia. two different worlds.. my passions and  part of my life

I think that many users and friends on FB well know wordpress and will be happy to blogging with me on this space. If you’re not so familiar with WP i suggest you to open an account, it’s free, very quick and it’ll bring you connected with lot of people who love to communicate, to share contents and also some business tips!

Even if I’m proudly italian, (for those things which we always should be proud of being Italians!) i’m more familiar with english on online communication’s issue.. of course I know that professionals and colleagues can follow totally contents in english but sometimes I’m used to introduce some posts to friend or relatives that still have some problems with “the language of global community” so I think I’m going to proceede with double language posting.

Please give me time to make this blog updated, in particular I’d like to introduce to you some training programmes that I will manage for some corporates involved on internationalization’s dynamics on eastern asia markets – I’m going to post calendar about next month’s activities soon!

That’s all for now! you’re really welcome and as usual, feel free to comment and join our discussione on these pages.




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