Internships and training for specialization’s programs in Korea


Finally we are able to announce the first edition of 3 day course in Rome for young professionals whom are going to get involved in internship programs towards Korea.

In cooperation with Asian Studies Group that is providing first ever in Italy well framed exchange and internship’s opportunity about Korea, we are introducing 20 hours intensive course that consists of four micro sections that we consider as fundamental part of regular course that make on focus language skills and communication using korean language.

Totally the specialization’s training is structured with  50 hours of class in Italy (language + business culture and business development’s perspectives in contemporary Korea + macro economy and economy’s structure) after such preparation our candidate is able to join 2 or 3 months internship’s program in Seoul or  in other main cities in Korea.

Usually Asian Studies Group in cooperation with consulting firms focused on internationalization’s projects on eastern asia (ADM – Ea Consulting in Milan) can support candidates on finding interesting internship-opportunities in China Japan Korea and recently introduced well framed programs in Seoul based on language course for international certification TOPIK and cross cultural experiences at international organizations, korean association and companies involved on working projects with Europe.

As follows some topics of the course managed in Italy by Asian Studies Group that offers material in e-book format and ipad digital version in class, with double sections in Milan and Rome every year available before the departure of our candidates for Korea.

Analysis of historical and philosophical background as crucial factors for contemporary social – dynamics

Economic Structure of korean system, paying attention on recent growth’s phenomenon, focus on conglomerates system 

Elements of business culture ed etiquette –  for problem solving’s approach on negotiation and communication with korean counterparts 



lesson digityal korea

During internship our candidate will manage personally specific project-works and results of such analysis will be introduced to official commission with participation of asian and european observers among personalities of institutions, academic faculties and professionals that will judge the contents and skills. This phase represents concrete core of the project and it’s useful to support our candidates for their join to  ASG Alumni Association & Professional Networking Album that is reference of our candidates among companies and organizations working on eastern asia markets.

For further info about Specialization’s trainings and internships you can contact me or directly our Organization sending email to

Fare Impresa Digitale – Doing Business Digital 2013 – Milano

The notice for the financial support in behalf of small and medium enterprises about ventures on doing business with digital solutions has been confirmed in June 2013 –

An amount of 3 million of euro has been approved from the department for productive policies of City of Milan and has been released to Chamber of Commerce of Milan that will select projects of business development on digital sector presented by SME (the deadline to present the proposals is on 20 of september 2013)

One of the programmes that have been financed  includes special training  provided by Chamber of Commerce of Milan.

The training consist of 5 appointments – 20 companies will join it.

Contents will follow the topics as follows

– Strategy for internationalization’s of companies involved on digital field.

– contracts and international matters concerning property rights

– soft skills: negotiation, cross cultural dynamics, selling online, social networks

– Focus on 2 target market: China & Canada

I will handle three series of contents during my lesson on 28 of september

1) Macro- economic analysis

2) Business Culture (in particular chinese way of communicate “good selling” online)

3) Opportunities for sme in China (new reforms for e-business)


If you are an italian SME and you’re interested to know more about the financed programme in support of doing business on digital field and you’re operative in the City of Milan you can find more info on the following link

see you on 28 of September, i’m sure we’re going to spend nice 4 hours together!


a seguire informazioni desunte dal sito del Comune di Milano

Sono state approvate oggi dalla Giunta le linee guida per la definizione del bando “Fare Impresa Digitale” promosso da Comune e Camera di Commercio di Milano per l’incentivazione dell’impresa e degli investimenti nel settore delle tecnologie digitali, strumento indispensabile per la competitività delle micro, piccole e medie imprese milanesi. A disposizione di singoli e imprese contributi per 3.000.000 euro, di cui 1,6 milioni a carico delle Camera di Commercio di Milano e 1,4 milioni a carico del Comune di Milano, esplicitamente rivolti alle imprese con sede legale sul territorio cittadino.

Le risorse disponibili saranno così erogate: 615mila euro per gli interventi di innovazione tecnologica sostenute da Start-up; 900mila euro a favore di micro, piccole e medie imprese e 1.500mila euro a favore di imprese specificatamente collocate nel settore ITC. Gli interventi di innovazione finanziabili sono quelli per la promozione e la vendita on line di prodotti e servizi, il cloud computing, soluzioni di energy management, creazione di applicazioni a supporto dello sviluppo turistico e culturale del territorio, smart mobility nonché tutti i servizi digitali innovativi basati sull’internet of things (internet delle cose per migliorare la vita degli individui).
Al bando potranno partecipare imprese e reti di imprese con personalità giuridica che, al momento della presentazione della domanda, rientrino nella definizione di micro, piccola e media impresa (MPMI). Spazio anche alle Start-up sotto forma societaria (società di persone e società di capitali) e alle imprese individuali che devono risultare iscritte al Registro Imprese da più di 18 mesi alla data di presentazione della domanda di contributo.
I contributi, a fondo perduto, saranno concessi sino al 50% dell’investimento sostenuto dall’impresa sino ad un massimo di 15mila euro per le start-up; 25mila euro per le MPMI e 30mila euro per le imprese del settore dell’ICT.

Le domande di partecipazione potranno essere presentate a partire dalle ore 12.00 di martedì 2 luglio e fino alle ore 12.00 di venerdì 20 settembre 2013 esclusivamente in forma telematica accedendo al portale e compilando l’apposito modulo.